With the continued popularity of shows like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, wedding dances are starting to show more flair. Here are some tips for preparing for your first dance on your wedding day.

  • Start lessons at least 4 weeks before your wedding. Give yourself plenty of time to not only learn the dance, but to also get comfortable with it. This will help you relax and enjoy the performance.
  • Song selection: Pick a song that expresses your feelings and have meaning to you and your fiance. Your song will be just one of many ways you share your love to each other and your guests.
  • Have fun! This is an opportunity for you and your partner to spend time together as you approach your wedding day. Enjoy yourselves and the moment.

Photo by Dream Imagery


One of my clients recently did their Engagement sessions with one of my favorite photographers, Ed Pingol.  I’ve come to truly appreciate his style of photography and beautiful composition.

For Tannia and Ricky, he captured the sweetness and shyness that I absolutely adore about this couple.  I thought Ed did a terrific job of showing their love for one another and their fur babies!

Photography by Ed Pingol

View more of Tannia and Ricky in our Facebook page.

What a delight!  I returned from lunch to find a Sift Cupcake on my desk!   I’m certainly not one to say no to a cupcake.  And what a treat it was!

I had a ‘The Sky is Falling’ Cupcake.  Moist chocolate cake, white chocolate mousse filling and a rich chocolate frosting.  Delicious!  It tasted just as it was described.  The white chocolate filling reminded me of my favorite packaged treat, the Hostess Cupcake.  And lo and behold, they actually had a hostess cupcake themed photo on their website!

Sift Cupcakery has locations throughout the Wine Country.  Visit them for a tasty treat while perusing downtown Napa, or place an order for your event.

I love customized gifts for brides and bridesmaids.  They give a more personal, special touch to those special to you.

When I saw Madame Fortuna’s designs on Daily Candy, I was impressed!  Madame Fortuna will work with the bride to get to know the personalities of her bridal party.  The custom bracelet will reflect the ‘charm’ of each of your bridesmaids.

Visit her website to view her collection.

A couple years ago, a friend of mine recommended The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman. 

Before my husband and I got married, the same book was recommended at our Couple’s Retreat by the counselors and instructors.  I found the book very helpful in understanding and recognizing the different “languages” individuals use to communicate to their partners.  It’s helped my husband and I to communicate to each other in a more productive, healthy way.

I highly recommend this book to couples.  It is a great resource for learning how to communicate effectively to your partner.  Click on the image above to learn more about the book.

Tulips are beautiful and elegant for bridal bouquets, and a personal favorite of mine for the Spring season.

Source: Pure Joy Flowers

Tulips symbolize love and passion, but there are several meanings to the different color tulips including:

Tulips (red): Believe in Me
Tulips (yellow): Hopeless Love
Tulips (variegated): Beautiful Eyes

Tulips are a thirsty flower, so it is important they are well-conditioned and have plenty of water for your wedding day. It’s also important to keep them cool to avoid wilting prior to the ceremony.

As centerpieces, tulips offer versatility in the design of your centerpieces.  Designs can range from the tall and dramatic arrangements to the simple and elegant.


Source: The Knot

Source: The Knot

One of my favorite things about Spring are the beautiful cherry blossoms that dot the hills throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  It is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. 

Incorporating these beautiful branches into a wedding centerpiece adds height, drama and grace to an event’s decor.    Use it as a centerpiece for each table, or create a dramatic focal point by displaying a large arrangement on a table such as the escort card table.

The branches add warmth and texture to the table through its dark brown colors and luminescent petals.  This centerpiece has a clean contemporary style, with the perfect touch of femininity. 

Because of the height of the centerpiece, it’s important to use clear vases or containers so as not to obstruct views and allow ease of conversation across the table.

Candle light can be added to the branches by attaching votives with ribbon or wire.  Candles around the arrangement can also added the perfect mood lighting to bring the cherry blossoms to life.